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User Agreement

This agreement contains the terms and purchasing policies regarding the websites of Mega Cartouche enr, between you ('Customer' and / or the people that you represent) and Mega Cartouche enr. therefore addressed as MEGA CARTOUCHE. Please read these online terms and conditions: they contain important information about your privileges and limitations and exclusions that may apply to you.

By placing an order, you signify that you have read and understood this agreement and have agreed to the terms of its implications and its policies legally binding you according to Canadian laws and regulations.

Web Site Contents

MEGA CARTOUCHE tries to give the most recent and correct information possible. However, errors may occur without our knowledge and despite our will. When products are advertised on its site, MEGA CARTOUCHE cannot guarantee that they will be available at the time of purchase or in the future.

MEGA CARTOUCHE retains the following privileges:
- Update the entire web site at any time, without warning and without involvement between you or any other person;
- Update or modify the products and services available online, prices and costs, the various promotions, at any time, without warning and without involvement between you or any other person;
- Deny, modify or delete any order, whether already accepted or not, for any reason that MEGA CARTOUCHE might find valid;
- Set a maximum quantity of goods and services up for sale.


The total cost of your purchase will be shown on your confirmation. Payment must be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Paypal. When ordering and using a credit card, the purchase price will be locked in your credit card account until the time of delivery from our warehouse where it will be charged to your account. This will enable us to contact you in case of problems before they charge you. You might receive a confirmation e-mail when your order leaves our warehouse. All orders will be considered valid only when MEGA CARTOUCHE approves it. Any price quote made by MEGA CARTOUCHE will be valid for the period stated on it. MEGA CARTOUCHE reserves the right to refuse any sale, and this, for all the reasons it deems valid (including a bad impression of the bid or its ads).
Prices can be changed without notice.
All prices listed on our site do not include shipping and handling, nor applicable taxes, which will be added at billing.
The taxes of your province of residence will be applied for any purchase.
All prices and other amounts appearing on our Web site are in Canadian dollars.

Purchases Made by Minors

MEGA CARTOUCHE wants to protect its customers. Persons who have not attained the age of majority are not accepted to make purchases online. If you want to make online purchases, please ask for assistance to a parent or duly appointed tutor to make the purchase with you.


Please find out about our delivery procedure in the Delivery Charges section.
The delivery charges can't differ from the billing address.  It is important to note that orders will be delivered to the address that matches the credit card used at the time of purchase or a different address chosen by the client upon placing the order.

Receipt of Goods by Customer

The customer must examine the product upon receipt. If an item is damaged or missing, you must notify MEGA CARTOUCHE as soon as possible. MEGA CARTOUCHE will not accept any claim after a period of 14 (fourteen) days after delivery.


Please find out about our terms and conditions for returns in the Return Policy section to determine whether your product can be exchanged or returned.

Customer Service

MEGA CARTOUCHE makes every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. If you have any comments about any of our services, please do not hesitate to "Contact Us".